Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kawaii Baby Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

I finally decided to try to get this blog up and running! And what better way to do it than to sing praises to one of my favorite diaper companies!? And a self-sponsored giveaway will hopefully give others a chance to try it out!

I've always wanted to do a review. I'm not only a cloth diaper 'activist', you might also say that I'm a cloth diaper connoisseur --I've been cloth diapering for over 3 years (I started cloth when my second child was born and as soon as he got out of diapers, Nunu baby was born) and I've tried pretty much every type of diaper, and every material. (i'll blog about my cloth experiences later..) Basically, I know an awesome diaper and a great deal when I see one! And Kawaii Baby cloth diapers are definitely it!
Altogether I own 7 Kawaii baby cloth diapers, so they make up a considerable portion of our diaper stash. I have them in the prints/colors (shown below)):  "Green Daisy", "Solid Black", "Circle Dot", and "Yellow Daisy". I love these diapers for many different reasons, which I'll go over in some detail for you.. Here is my review on the Kawaii Baby One-size Snap Closure cloth diaper!

The Price

The main reason I hear parents say they are reluctant to start cloth diapers is because (although they can save you thousands in the end) they take quite a bit of money to get started. You see those "starter packs" of diapers ranging anywhere from around $150-$350. Well, a lot of us parents don't always have a spare couple-of-hundred to invest at once towards a cloth diaper stash that you aren't even sure will work for you. THAT is why I ALWAYS suggest to anyone considering cloth or on a budget to TRY KAWAII BABY! Why? Because they start at the mere price of $6.99!! That means you can buy an entire stash of about 12 diapers (the recommended amount to start with) for less than $85! I've even seen them on some websites sold in bundles of 10-12 for even less than that!

The Quality

One thing I can assure you is that you are definitely not sacrificing the quality for price. This was what struck me most about this diaper! To be honest, when I first bought these diapers, I expected the worst ...only to be very pleasantly suprised! I had been regularly using Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius diapers, and that is the excellent quality that I had to compare it to and Kawaii baby seriously did not fall behind at all. In my experience with Kawaii's the past 6 months, there has been very few leaks (equal to the bigger name diapers), and in fact I've found them to hold in messes BETTER than some of my more pricey diapers. They have endured hundreds of washings/dryings by now and have not yet shown any signs whatsoever of wear-and-tear. They could practically pass as brand new!

The Exterior

 One of the first things you might notice about the exterior of the Kawaii Baby diapers are that they are very strong and durable. Yet, they are not stiff or seemingly uncomfortable for baby. Another thing I love about exterior is how water repellent it is! No dampness/wetness on the outside cover, matter how soaked it is on the inside. Another thing I'm crazy about is their interesting colors and prints. I love the (TPU outer) ones I have and there are so many more that I WANT (stars, camouflage, jean print, retro, ect) and they also have amazing minky print diapers such as cow print, dots, ect.

The Insert

All of my Kawaii's came with 2 remarkably soft, fluffy microfiber inserts. (1 for day use, 2 for heavy wetters or over-night use). They are perfect. They squish up nicely inside of the diaper when it's on the smallest setting, and they stretch out far enough to reach the ends of the diaper when it's on the largest setting. These inserts are by far my favorite out of all the different brands I've tried. I use only these inserts now in all of my different diapers (yes, the non-Kawaii's too) and I definitely plan on buying some extras. (and yes, the price of additional inserts is also ridiculously cheap! Try $1.40 per insert? Yes, i'll take more!)

The Interior

 The interior of the Kawaii Baby diaper is lined with the softest (SOFTEST!!!) microfleece I've ever felt in my life.  This picture (above) shows the interior after several hundred washes...still nice and fluffy! When brand new, it feels like how you imagined a cloud to feel when you were a kid. I truly felt like my baby was one lucky kid to have such softness upon his bum. Also notice the pocket on the inside of the diaper. It has two layers of lining overlapping the insert to keep it in place and prevent it from maneuvering out of the opening (which has never happened to me in my experiences with Kawaiis, so it def does its job!) Also notice the elastic on the legs is sewn in just a way thay leaks is nearly impossible.

The Snaps

Snaps are by far my favorite cloth diaper closures. They are adjustable, they don't get stuck to anything in the wash and they're (lame pun alert) 'cute as a button'.  There's many things I love about the snap closures on Kawaiis. Firstly, the snaps system on the bottom allows the diaper to be ONE-SIZE! That means your baby will most likely fit this one diaper from birth all the way through to potty training! THAT means no need to continue to buy different sizes of diapers as your child grows, just snap/unsnap as needed. Now if you'll notice in the picture (above) I have the cloth diaper on the Medium Setting (I left one snap unsnapped intentionally to show how you adjust sizing). You snap up the bottom row for the Small setting, and you just unsnap them all for the Large setting!  The snaps are also awesome as a closure for the wings of the diaper. The wings have the ability to overlap to adjust the fit for newborns, and I absolutely love how there are two rows of snaps on either side to prevent wind droop. I've never had a wing droop problem using my Kawaiis. They really thought this snap system out!

The Fit

Here is Nunu-baby rockin' (along with his Grateful Dead tee) his Kawaii One-Size "yellow daisy" Cloth diaper on Medium setting! Notice how trim they look, and how nicely they fit! The elastic leaves no room for leaks, and no marks on his skin! It allows liberated movement while Nunu crawls around and wiggles, yet never moves out of place.


I had to rack my brain to think of something to fit in this category. Although I am completely satisfied with this diaper, I would have to say that one of the only things I dislike about this brand diaper compared to some other diapers is that the insert must be pulled out before washing. Unlike some brands of diapers which are made to allow you to shake the insert into the washer, or some are made so that the insert maneuvers itself into the washer... These must be pulled out by hand. This is not usually a problem unless the diaper is thoroughly soaked, and then the "gross-o-meter" goes up. However, I would like to point out that most other cloth diaper brands require you to touch a wet insert before washing. Also, I must give Kawaii Baby the benefit of the doubt and let you know that my husband says he's NEVER had to touch a wet Kawaii insert. He somehow figured out how to shake them out easily. The only other thing I could find that might be a negative to some is that Kawaii Baby diapers are made in China. So for those who stick to strictly "buy American", this may be a drawback.

The Verdict

Kawaii Baby Cloth Diapers are excellent quality diapers that I would easily recommend to ANYONE! They are unbelievably low-priced (literally a fraction of the cost of Big Name diapers) which allows you to build a stash without putting a dent in your bank account. All around, I am totally satisfied with Kawaiis, and I give them an A! And hey, they're not just awesome for parents, babies like 'em too!


Now here's the FUN part! I'm going to be giving away a One-Size Kawaii Baby Snap Closure cloth diaper for you to try out; and the best part: YOU get to choose the color or print!
Below are the details on how to enter.

--Entry Details--

--"Like" my Facebook page and comment on the "Giveaway question" to enter! (Each person is counted once, despite the # of answers they give)

--You CAN increase your chances of winning! If you share the news of this giveaway on Facebook (important: you must tag my page!) then you get an EXTRA entry for every time you tag it!

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Once I get 100 "Likes" on the Boheme Mom Rhapsody Facebook Page I will choose a commenter (to "the giveaway question" and/or the blog) at random to be the winner!!!

Good luck!


  1. beautiful! couldn't have said it batter myself!!!

    i started out with Kawaii's when my second was 14 mo. old and i knew our little girl was on the way, i have yet to encounter a single problem or hang up. about 3 months in they began to leak a little, but i quickly discovered that the small traces of baby oil in my spray wipe solution was causing wicking, so a warm short cycle of baking soda added to my washing method completely solved that problem! Also my bamboo liners took MANY washes before becoming what i'd like to call "absorbant." in the meantime i just used the mircofibers in the bamboo dipes of i'd double one of each in there :

    I have since had 2 blueberries gifted to me as well a a GroVia and a rumparooz, But my stash it 40 strong and all Kawaii's except those 4! LOVE this company! They're so cute and so easy, i'm not being very diligent at potty training (my oldest son was completely trained by 18 months) because they are SO CUTE i cant imagine him bum without all the colors :( it's a personal issues i desperately need to get over. He will be 2 the end of May....oops!

  2. great review! My stash is mainly all kawaii. I have 3 grovia, 12 prefolds, 3 kawaii covers, 12 pure and natural kawaii, 10 fun print kawaii, and 16 minky bamboo kawaii! I love them all! My husbands favorite is the pure and natural and my favorite are the bamboo! Pure and naturals were my favorite when she was in her first 3 months, but now I prefer the bamboo. I've had a few leaks and blowouts, but they were due to the fit on baby.

    Everyone gave me the crazy look, when I told them I was going to Cloth diaper. they would say, "just wait until you get a blow out", They must get them all the time with using sposies. Because I've only had 4 and it was mine or my husbands fault for not fitting the diaper correctly on our LO in the 1st 2 months. she is now 4 months and we haven't had one since! Saves you money on onesies too! My LO is usually in the same outfit from morning to night!

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  4. I like your Boheme Mom Rhapsody Facebook Page!

  5. I liked your Boheme Mom Rhapsody fb page :)

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