Sunday, April 24, 2011

What to do with those "cloth diapers" you never opened.

Maybe I'm not the only one that this has happened to:
You're expecting, and you tell your family and friends that you plan to cloth diaper. You might even mention it on the baby shower invitations. You're looking forward to being showered with fluff and then gift day arrives and there they are: those big unholy packs of little Gerber prefold "cloth diapers" from our clueless, yet well-meaning loved ones. You thank them and pretend that's exactly what you meant when you said "cloth diapers", and then store them in the closet or a drawer where they'll sit...  Or perhaps you use them as burp cloths like many people do.
Have you ever wondered how else you can make use of those big white rectangles that Gerber dares to call "cloth diapers"?  Here are some ideas:

(NunuBaby, hours after birth, wearing an organic unbleached Gerber prefold) 
One plus to those Gerber prefolds is that they are Very cheap, and quite small, which actually does make them useful for cloth diapering--if you plan to use them on your newborn.
I actually brought some of the Organic cotton Gerber prefolds to the hospital for a few reasons:
--I was worried about meconium stains on my more expensive cloth diapers. If one of the Gerber ones were to get ruined, no big deal, right?
--If they were to get misplaced at the hospital (I'm notorious for leaving something behind at the hospital every time) then it wouldn't break my heart.
--They're thin, not bulky like other cloth diapers, which accomodates newborn clothing and the frequent diaper changes newborns require.


At our house, the Gerber prefolds are only used as actual diapers on Laundry day, or for a short-term diaper change (like when he really needs a change, but I know that he's going to take a bath in a few minutes...or when I can sense he's about to poop, sometimes I'll put a Gerber on him to avoid staining his nice diapers).
Here's the easy method that I use for folding a Gerber prefold:

1. Lay prefold flat on changing surface.

2. If you would like extra absorbency, add another prefold (folded into thirds) and lay in center.

3. Fold the sides over toward each other, and then fold the top 'wings' away from each other.

4. Place baby down on diaper and lift the front to cover baby like so.

5. Spread the front around to baby's side

6. Pull the wings to the front of the diaper

7. Fasten with a snappi. (OR if you're really brave, you can try diaper-safe pins.)

8. In most cases, you'll want to use a diaper cover to prevent leaks. Pictured above is a Diaperaps organic hemp blend diaper cover.


Ever heard of gDiapers? They are the ADORABLE hybrid diapering system that allows you to choose between cloth or flushable inserts. Well, I've used both and I can tell you, they get quite expensive! Just one pack of 6 gCloth inserts will run you about $30. You can expect to spend hundreds on a stash.  How about, instead, paying just $10 for 12 Gerber prefolds that you can easily use as gDiaper inserts? (That's right, thats just a third of the price, for twice as many!) You can build enough of a stash to space out laundry days for only $20 (or for free if you acquired some at your baby shower)!
Here's how to use them as gDiaper inserts:
1. Just fold a Gerber prefold into thirds (add a second one into the center for extra absorbency if desired)
2. Stick it in the gDiaper liner and go!
See how well it works! And to be perfectly honest, I've had more success using Gerber prefolds inside of my gDiapers than I ever did using the actual gCloth inserts. To this day, I sold all of my gCloths and now only use the Gerber prefolds as inserts.


Gerber prefolds are the perfect size to be added into pocket diapers for use as inserts or additional absorbency over regular inserts.  Just fold them up, and stick them in!

We do! And here's what we did to tell the difference between our Gerber BURP cloths and cloth DIAPERS...

We tie-dyed them! Of course, you can be as creative as you like: Embroider them, dye them, sew ribbon or patterned material on them...but I would definintely advise seperating the ones you use on your baby's face/mouth from the ones you use on your baby's bottom! =)

Think Green and REUSE them! They make a perfect cleaning cloth for around the house! Just TRY to find a better cloth to dust your furniture or wipe your windows with!

So if you ever receive a gift of Gerber "cloth diapers", you can now think of them as so much more than just burp cloths, but a multi-functional cloth diapering treat!


PS. Comment below and let me know what ways YOU use Gerber prefolds!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How I Turned Green: Earth Day Tribute and GIVEAWAY!

I've always been a little bit ecologically-minded. With a Biologist father who has specialized in conservation with The Nature Conservancy and research for The U.S. Forest Service my entire life, and a full-blooded Native American mother, I grew up with some basic natural-lifestyle fundamentals: I was extendedly breastfed, cloth diapered, taught NEVER to litter, to compost, to try to avoid medications, to grow a garden, don't start forest fires...that type of thing. Other than that, I was raised pretty mainstream... surrounded by chemicals, preservatives, GMs, BPA, PVCs, phthalates, HFCS and all of those things that most of our parents had no idea were dangerous.
It wasn't until after BubuMan (my 2nd child) was born that I really started thinking green. I had already been practicing attachment parenting (breastfeeding, babywearing, gentle parenting), and going green seemed like the next practical step. Bubu had very sensitive skin and recurring rashes and diaper rash. When he turned a few months old, I visited a perfume boutique downtown that was going out of business, and I noticed that their entire display of Burt's Bees was on clearance. I had always been curious about the Baby Bee products, but honestly, at the time the price was kind of steep for me to risk buying it and not liking it. Well, I bought some on sale and wow! I used the wonderful-smelling diaper rash cream on Bubu (this was when he was still in sposies) and tried out the baby wash and milk bath and within a few days his skin rashes disappeared! I was also very impressed with how fast the diaper cream cleared up irritation, which he got often from sposies. I also made the switch from chemical detergents to seventh generation, and went all out buying natural soaps and cleaning products from our local health food store. When I decide I wanna go for something, I go for it all the way! Watching Woody Harrelson's documentary "Go Further" persuaded me to start eating organic and to avoid preservatives and GMOs. I got increasingly interested in recycled products (I started only buying recycled paper towels, toilet paper, copier paper, notebooks, ect).  I was venturing on the right path.
Then it occurred to me to start cloth diapering. This was about 3 years ago, and at the time, I had NEVER seen another baby cloth diapered in my life. In my mind, cloth diapering consisted of prefolds and pins. I didn't even know they needed a cover. I already had about 2 unopened packs of those Gerber 'burp cloths' that are labeled for some reason as 'cloth diapers', so I decided to give it a shot. I googled how to fold a prefold and took them right out of the package and tried it, securing the diaper with a regular large safety pin from home. I thought the fluffy butt looked so cute...but then he peed, and ultimately, it was a FAIL! I was so curious as to how people possibly kept those things from leaking, so I googled once again and learned they needed a cover! Thats when I came across more modern cloth diapers, and my research began!! I wanted to learn everything there was to know about cloth diapering before making the investment. I was already hooked on how cute new modern cloth diapers were--I was amazed by their simplicity (just adjust the velcro, or snap it on, and go!), pleasantly surprised at their versatility (one-size?? really???), and somewhat overwhelmed by all of the different types. I had decided at the time, that I only wanted natural fibers touching Bubu's skin, considering how rash-prone he was. So I ordered 3 Tiny Tush One-Size Organic Hemp fitted diapers, a Tiny Tush Organic Wool Soaker, 3 Drybee's One-Size Bamboo Fitteds, and an upcycled wool Grateful Buns Soaker. Shortly thereafter I also ordered some gDiapers to put those gerber "prefolds" to good use. And that began it all... my cloth diaper addiction. =P
Three years, one more baby, and MANY cloth diapers later, and I'm proud to say that we are a Green family! A recycling, composting, organic, chemical-free, cloth-diapering, non-medicating, breastmilk-medicine, holistic, mama-cloth-wearing, family-cloth-using, reusable-bag-bringing, herb-picking, farmer's market cruising, toxin-free, rash-free Natural family!
Needless to say, Earth Day is pretty much our holiday of choice. =)

Thats why I'm obliged to give one lucky family the chance to get started on their way to being a green family!

In observance of our favorite holiday that honors the protection of our planet, I've put together a little Eco-Friendly Baby Bum Basket to giveaway to one lucky winner!
The Gift Basket will include the following items:

--1 Kawaii One-Size Heavy Duty Diaper (Gender Neutral color)
--1 Travel-Size Jar sample of CJ's BUTTer (Scented)
--1 Sample of Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent (Smashing Watermelons scent)
--1 Package of Cloth Wipes/Washcloths
--1 Container of my homemade Organic Vegan Anti-Fungal Cloth Wipe Solution


1. Comment on my blog for one entry, telling me "Why you would like to Go Green", or "In what ways you have already Gone Green!"
2. Comment on my Facebook Page for an extra entry telling me "Why you would like to Go Green" or "In what ways you have already gone green".
3. Tag the Boheme Mom Rhapsody Facebook page, telling your friends about the giveaway, for another extra entry!
4. When your friends post to this blog and/or Facebook Page, telling us you referred them, you get an EXTRA entry!!

This contest will run through Earth Day! The winner will be drawn randomly at Midnight (Central US time) after Earth Day!

Your chances of winning depends on the amount of LOVE you show!! =)  So go ahead and enter, you could be the next winner! =)


ps. I <3 Giveaway time!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Fluffy Photo-op Fuzzibunz Contest"/Giveaway!

Well, the Kawaii giveaway was a FAIL! =P We never made it to 100 and my blog was at a complete stand-still as I wanted the giveaway post to be last. That was my FIRST giveaway to host, and I definitely learned some things throughout the process:
Make sure your Giveaway doesn't get LOST within the posts on your page (that leads to some pretty confused guests lol), Keep the rules simple, Make the contest fun, and make the prize worth it! So I'm going to do just THAT! =)

In honor of my Fuzzibunz Testing endeavors, I'm going to hold a Fluffy Photo-op contest, and Give away a FUZZIBUNZ PERFECT-SIZE DIAPER as the prize when we reach 200 fans! That way you can 'test' one for yourself! How do you enter?

Here's How to Enter:

1. Post a picture of your Fluff (momma slang for 'cloth diaper stash') in a creative and interesting design on the Boheme Mom Rhapsody Facebook page! Use your imagination!

2. Vote on your favorite designs in the "Fluffy Photo-op Contest" album, by clicking "Like". (you may "like" as many designs as you want)

3. Spread the word of the contest to all of your friends to vote on your design, so that we reach 200 fans!

***When we reach the 200 fans mark, the Fluff photo with the most "likes" WINS THE DIAPER!***

Very fun, simple, and with a GREAT prize!
So get to work on posting those adorable fluffy Diaper designs on my Facebook page! Let's keep this one going and lets definitely NOT let it fail! I'm ready to share the Fuzzibunz love!!


ps. Thanks to Boheme Mom Rhapsody fan Mary N. for inspiring this giveaway with her beautiful fluff design picture!