Sunday, May 5, 2013

Little Bottoms Newborn Diaper Review

When expecting Baby Gummy Bears, a lovely WAHM who owns Little Bottoms, a cloth diaper and accessories boutique on Etsy, asked me if I would like to do a review of her OBV Newborn diaper. I happily obliged.
Little Bottoms is a Canada-based WAHM business. She specializes in cloth diapers, cloth diapering needs such as various types of inserts, and handmade baby clothes.
When that package arrived postmarked from Canada, I knew that the squishy newborn goodness had arrived! I was delighted to find the most velvety soft Newborn diaper made of organic bamboo velour, with lovely snap-down adjustments in various shades of green. Inside this little diaper was a lay-in double insert, which was comprised of two separate inserts that were each made of multiple layers of OBV and sewn together at the top for easy washing and placement.

Brand new Little Bottoms obv fitted, in different views.

I could not wait to try it out! I prepped this little diaper and added it to my newborn stash where it sat for a few months waiting for my little bundle to bake in my belly.

When Gummy finally arrived, this Little Bottoms diaper was one of the first which I tried out! From day one, this diaper fit my baby like a glove. When her legs were tiny and new, I found that there was enough room and adjustment options in this diaper that allowed me to diaper her comfortably, but snugly enough to contain those messy EBF newborn poops. It also turned out that Gummy is a VERY heavy wetter, and to this day, the Little Bottoms fitted is one of my top-3 go-to diapers for night-time and outings, when I know I'll need some serious absorbency. And yes, I did say "to this day". Awesomely enough, 3 and a half months later, while the majority of my newborn stash is already put away in storage, we are still using our Little Bottoms diaper. There is enough adjustment and stretch to that diaper that even as a super healthy, 97 percentile, 15 pound little chub, she is still able to very comfortably wear this diaper on the largest setting. Not only that, but after 15 and a half weeks of continuous, every other day washings and re-wearing, this diaper is still velvety soft, comparable to the day we first took it out of the package it arrived in, with absolutely no visible signs of wear or tear. There are many name brand fitteds I bought that I can't even say that about!

After 8 weeks of continuous use.

After nearly 16 weeks of continuous use.

I am picky about my diapers. I look for certain things in diapers, and I have standards on what goes onto my baby's delicate bottom area. And I was very pleased to find that this squishy Little Bottoms fitted diaper fit the bill. It is:

-Adjustable for a wide range of newborn/infant sizes
-Has turned elastic which leaves NO red marks or creases on baby
-Fits comfortably and stretchy
-Not too bulky, fits very well under a cover
-VERY absorbent!
-Made of high quality fabric that holds up well and does not lose it's softness or quality after months of continuous use.

I would say, for the purpose of critique, that if I were to change one thing about this diaper, that maybe the lay-in insert could be just a little longer. It was perfect for the newborn setting, but just a tad bit short as my infant wears it today. Granted, neither of us probably expected that she would be able to wear it for so long! So I'm definitely not holding that against her. ;)

If there ever comes a day that I must invest in yet another newborn stash, I would be happy to put in a bulk order with the sweet mama that makes Little Bottoms cloth diapers!


PS. Little Bottoms Diapers has graciously offered a GIVEAWAY item!! I'm getting the details sorted out and I will follow up shortly with another post with instructions on how YOU can win!!