Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Fluffy Photo-op Fuzzibunz Contest"/Giveaway!

Well, the Kawaii giveaway was a FAIL! =P We never made it to 100 and my blog was at a complete stand-still as I wanted the giveaway post to be last. That was my FIRST giveaway to host, and I definitely learned some things throughout the process:
Make sure your Giveaway doesn't get LOST within the posts on your page (that leads to some pretty confused guests lol), Keep the rules simple, Make the contest fun, and make the prize worth it! So I'm going to do just THAT! =)

In honor of my Fuzzibunz Testing endeavors, I'm going to hold a Fluffy Photo-op contest, and Give away a FUZZIBUNZ PERFECT-SIZE DIAPER as the prize when we reach 200 fans! That way you can 'test' one for yourself! How do you enter?

Here's How to Enter:

1. Post a picture of your Fluff (momma slang for 'cloth diaper stash') in a creative and interesting design on the Boheme Mom Rhapsody Facebook page! Use your imagination!

2. Vote on your favorite designs in the "Fluffy Photo-op Contest" album, by clicking "Like". (you may "like" as many designs as you want)

3. Spread the word of the contest to all of your friends to vote on your design, so that we reach 200 fans!

***When we reach the 200 fans mark, the Fluff photo with the most "likes" WINS THE DIAPER!***

Very fun, simple, and with a GREAT prize!
So get to work on posting those adorable fluffy Diaper designs on my Facebook page! Let's keep this one going and lets definitely NOT let it fail! I'm ready to share the Fuzzibunz love!!


ps. Thanks to Boheme Mom Rhapsody fan Mary N. for inspiring this giveaway with her beautiful fluff design picture!

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