Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

I've been meaning to blog for a while, like... years, and havent gotten around to it until now. I had a pretty successful blog when my oldest daughter was a baby, but life got too insane to keep up with it once my second child was born.
Now, here I am, my third child on my lap chewing on his Sophie giraffe, and I finally decided that now is the time!
Now what direction should I lead this thing?
I dont want this blog to be as personal as my last one. Of course, some general details about my life...but mostly, my aim is to blog about my interests and meet like-minded individuals who can relate, offer advice, or benefit from my experiences or suggestions. I'm constantly bursting with ideas and opinions, rants and praise.
If Nunu-Baby will give me a moment, I'll share some of those 'general details' i mentioned...

I'm a mid-twenties newlywed mother of 3.
I was a teenager when I had my first child, my daughter who I refer to by "Tutu-Head" (or Tutu, or Toonie, ect) for the blog's sake. Although I was young, I parented quite instinctually: breastfed (also, supplemented...frown) for over 14 months, parented in a way that I later learned is referred to as "attachment parenting" due to the fact that we bedshared, didn't spank, always held, nursed on demand, etc. She is now school-aged and a really awesome kid! She's beautiful, hilarious, brilliant, theatrical, mature and artistic.  I love that girl! Her dad was my highschool sweetheart, and although we didn't work out in the end, we are still pretty good friends.

My second child, my son who I refer to as "Bubu-Man" (Bubu) came along towards the end of a dangerously close long-term relationship I had in college with Sir Evil, that left me with terrible scars, both emotionally and physically. The only Good thing that came from that 'waste-of-time' relationship was my beautiful, sweet, shy little toddler Bubu. His father and I never see or speak.. yet our lives are filled with soap-opera type drama quite frequently as the result of ever meeting that fool. I could write a novel (literally) about the whirlwind of grievances the "Evils" have had us endure. But in the end, we have an awesomely delightful little earthchild, and our close, loving, free-spirited family would not be complete without him. =) Upon Bubu's arrival came my dawning of enlightenment into the realms of Natural Parenting. I started taking breastfeeding more seriously, I wore him in a sling everywhere I went, bedshared (of course), went totally organic, started cloth diapering shortly after he was born, and went completely 'green'.  I was new at this whole concept at the time, so I made a few mistakes along the way..which we will explore in this blog. I learned more and more along the way.

Our latest addition, "Nunu-baby" (aka "Nunu" or "Noonie") is the little sunshine in all of our lives! He is the most amazing and delightful little infant that our family has ever had the joy of loving! This child is absolutely mellow, beautiful, cheerful, and has quite an amazing little personality for an infant. His pregnancy was my inspiration to dive into the depths of the Natural/Attachment Parenting world 100%, to fully inform myself to the best of my abilty, and to become an activist for change in this backwards, money-driven system of illusion that we call life. I now have one happy, exclusively breastfed, sling-riding, bed-sharing, cloth diapered, intact, unvaxed, organic sunshine who has never had an unnatural chemical anywhere in or on his body. He is one healthy little Nunu. We are also currently learning Baby Sign Language together, which is a totally new endeavor for me, and I'm very excited to see how it turns out!
My husband, who we will call BluJay, is absolutely my best friend and soul-mate. We think completely alike, spend hours on end talking and connecting, and when we must part ways momentarily for wary life burdens such as work or errands, our souls ache for each others warmth and presence. BluJay is the most amazing father! My two oldest children love and cherish him and he loves them as his own. Our little Nunu is also crazy about his daddy! I am so fortunate to have met a real man, who a compassionate lover, an amusing friend, and a dedicated father. Words can't express my love and fondness for this man. BluJay is quite the naturally talented musician, hes intelligent, patient, has a great sense of humor. He enjoys philosophy and exploring various concepts in theology. He is laid-back yet aims high for the sake of his loved ones. He is so wonderfully supportive and open-minded to all of our life endeavors. Did I mention that I love that man!? We are also soon to embark on a journey of FS Restoration. I would like to document the progress as that endeavor comes our way.

My family is my life. Every day we laugh, we dance, we share, we explore, we sing, and we learn together. We openly and honestly express our feelings.

We plan to have more children in our future, once life mellows out a bit. I look forward to that day that we can begin to plan and TTC our next baby, but for now we are enjoying our family as it is: a beautiful bohemian circus. =P

Throughout my children's lives, we have often (but not always) lived communally with others, in various homes, cities, states, ect. (I guess you can say we're one step below nomadic.. And we very much enjoy the company of others.) We are currently housesharing with my long-time inseperable best friend in the entire world, Bear. Amazingly enough, I met my husband through Bear, and I also introduced Bear to his life partner as well. Bear is as unique as it gets--probably why we get along so ridiculously well. We hit it off as friends the moment we met. He's that gay best friend that every girl must have to be complete. Bear is a bartender, and despite our years of crazy history we've had together in the pre-responsibilty days, he's now quite the competent adult I always pictured him being when we were kids. Bear has been along side me through it ALL. We are life-long friends.

As for me. Well, I'm the ring-leader of all of the above!

La Vie Boheme!

<3 BoheMom

"Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift..."

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