Monday, March 14, 2011

Milk is it!

My personal anecdotal evidence of breastmilk's defiance over illness.

It seems as though I finally get a moment to blog again! A marvelous feat for a mother of 3!
A wonderful thought has been lingering in my mind for a while and I finally must shout from the rooftops:

What does that mean?
Let me begin with a few short accounts that include the most basic fundamental of infant and human life: Breastmilk.
I've breastfed all 3 of my children. It wasn't until I got pregnant with Nunu-baby that I discovered the MIRACLES of breastmilk! Instead of simply looking at nursing as a way of feeding my baby, I awaited the day that I could nurse again because I knew that I would be protecting him, building his body and his mind, giving him immunity, building a bond between us, comforting him, and even communicating with him!
Then I learned that breastmilk is not only beneficial for the bub, but for the mother herself and anyone who is fortunate enough to have a nursing mama in their life!

My housemate Bear got pink eye--3 seperate times! Each time, I expressed some mama-milk, put it into a dropper, and he dropped it into his eye just a few times a day. His pink eye (which usually lasts around 5-7 days on average) was gone after just ONE day! He is now utterly convinced that Breastmilk is it.

I've cured Bubu-man's cough, Blujay's cuts, scrapes and burns, Bubu's rashes, Nunu's diaper rash and even cleared Nunu's sinuses with the wonders of mama milk...

But last night was probably my most profound victory over sickness using the miracle of breastmilk.
Saturday night, Tutu-head suddenly got sick and started vomiting. She spent the entire day on Sunday laying down, sleeping, and by dinner she was running a high fever. I usually let a fever run it's course since it is the body's way of fighting off infection, but later in the night, I started to really worry about my dear sweet firstborn. Her cheeks were bright red, along with her poor little arms and back. I gave her a dose of fever break tincture (which consists of Boneset, Yarrow, Dandelion Root, Catnip, Shepherd's purse, and Lobelia inflata) and put an amber necklace around her neck to ease the pain. That brought the fever down for a few hours, but around the time she was ready to go to sleep for the night, her fever went back up. I patted her little self with cool wet rags, but it didn't help much.. It was heartbreaking. Irrational thoughts went through my mind of giving in and going to the store to purchase children's tylenol.
Just as my mommy fears were about to take over, Noonie woke up for his 'nurse-nurse'. I nursed him until he went to sleep, and I thought how grateful I am for the immunity my breastmilk was providing him to prevent him from catching whatever it was that Tutu had...
Then it hit me! I don't know why I hadn't thought of it sooner! I no longer have a pump, but I hand-expressed some mama milk into a glass. Tutu drank it down and rested. Before I went to bed, I felt her arms and face: no fever! Thank goodness! We could all sleep a little more soundly. When Tutu woke up this morning, she was feeling a little tired still, but much much better!

I will never, ever hesitate in giving my loved ones breastmilk, first and foremost, when anything is wrong with them.

Boheme Mom

ps. What have YOU cured using breastmilk?? Please share!

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