Thursday, March 10, 2011

The dirties on 'The Dirties on Diapering'

It's about time the word got out in a strikingly visual manner!
I try to be open minded. I really do. But my inner hippie curls into the fetal position and cries every time I see that giant mountain of a week's worth of disposable diapers being hauled to the curb for the garbage truck. Even if I don't actually SEE it being hauled out there, my mind's eye gets an automatic visualization every time I witness someone hauling those jumbo packs of disposable diapers to the check-out line, or even seeing a baby with a 'sposie on.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not judging the parents who use disposables. I once used disposable diapers myself with my first child. I had NO IDEA that cloth diapers even existed any longer, much less how far they've come to be modern and convenient. But once my second was born and I learned the facts about disposable diapers (the fact that in one year of life, ONE baby goes through roughly 3500+ diapers per year, and each diaper takes 500+ years to decompose, and the toxic chemicals in diapers that are in constant contact with baby's delicate skin) and then learned the benefits to cloth diapering (saving thousands of $$$, benefits to the planet, benefits to baby's health, how uncomplicated they are, how freakin' adorable they are!) I decided to go cloth, and never went back. Now it's not only how I diaper, it's a hobby and a cause for advocacy!

Several weeks ago, I learned of an awesome project underway that I have been so stoked about!
It is a coffee-table style book of photojournalism called "The Dirties on Diapering", created by a stay-at-home mom who is also a photographer! Jamie Wilkinson, the creator of the book and Portland, OR cloth-diapering mother of two will be going around, taking pictures of the impact that dispoable diapers make on our planet, and also educate and visually inform parents about cloth diapers.
Wilkinson states, " The word about cloth diapering is slowly spreading, but often times I believe concepts like this (especially in the beginning) come across as some activist shoving information in people's faces. Pardon my harsh description, but it's the stereo-type given. I want the majority of this book to be images to SHOW people exactly what we are talking about. I will of course use words, facts, and share stories... but I want at least 3/4 of each page to be about an image. I want people to SEE the landfills. I want people to SEE the health concerns. I want people to SEE how easy cloth diapering is now. The world today is very visual, and I think this is the best way to get the word out. "

Right ON mama!!
Right now, Wilkinson's groovy project is just a little over half-way to it's fundraising goal of $6000. With only 47 days to go, the pressure is on! I believe this is a book that NEEDS to get out there. This visual book would make the concerns about diapering come to life and would serve as a marvelous advocate for the cloth diapering/environmental cause! And of course, this lovely mama doesn't forget those who walk beside her. She offers thoughtful rewards to contributors, no matter how small the amount (greater rewards for greater contributions, of course).

You can donate via kickstarter at this website:

And be sure to check out the video about the project!

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